Im so sick of this political correct world we live in. People can be gay and proud but as soon as you say youre straight and proud, everyone tosses their shit. If i cant have straight pride and not hate gays then you shouldnt have gay pride. Its that simple.


[11:49:13 AM] Fuck Yeah Gore: Shinso the deceptively strong noodle
[11:50:40 AM] Strix: very strong noodle
[11:50:46 AM] Strix: noodle that gon mess u up son
[11:50:58 AM] Fuck Yeah Gore: noodle waves aggressively at you
[11:51:01 AM] Fuck Yeah Gore: before impaling you
[11:51:06 AM] Fuck Yeah Gore: bazinga
[11:51:12 AM] Strix: holy fucking shit


Drake’s probably still in that chair